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Gifts of securities often confer significant tax benefits to the donor. A contribution of appreciated securities, which have been held by the donor for more than one year, is generally deductible at market value, regardless of the cost basis. In addition, the tax on the capital gains is avoided through such a gift. A gift of any type of security shall be receipted on the date of delivery (for hand or mail deliveries) or day of transfer (for electronic).

Publicly-traded Securities

A gift of securities that are regularly traded on one of the public stock exchanges can be coordinated at any time. The value of the gift will be determined by taking the average of the highest and lowest selling prices quoted for the security on the day of the gift.

When making a gift of publicly-traded securities to UW-L, first please contact the UW-L Foundation at 608.785.8489. Electronic and other forms of transfer can be arranged.

Closely-held Securities

With the approval of the Foundation, shares of securities in entities that have been organized for profit-making purposes but are not publicly traded may also be accepted. Gifts of closely-held securities of $10,000 or less may be valued at the per-share cash purchase price of the most recent transaction. Gifts exceeding $10,000 will be reported at the fair market value as determined by a qualified independent appraiser as required by the IRS.

Mutual Funds

The Foundation is also able to accept gifts of shares in mutual funds. Please contact the Foundation at 608.785.8489 for the details.

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