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Establishing a Named Fund


A name is a powerful thing. It represents a unique person, company, or group. A name can evoke accumulated memories: to hear the name is to recall the person and all of his or her fine qualities and accomplishments. The Foundation understands the value of a name. Such a gift is priceless.


The UW-L Foundation invites you to consider a very special kind of contribution: your name. A Named Fund may be established in your own name, or your company's name, or, perhaps, in the name of a loved one or associate. The Foundation, in turn, is honored to hold these funds that bear such good names. You might say that our past, present, and future are bound up in these funds, in their contributors, and in the support they lend our university. There are funds named after parents, esteemed teachers, or others whose names are revered. These funds make a statement; they say something about values held, about influences felt, about relationships recognized. A Named Fund can express support for something you want to put your name behind: a particular area of academic service or endeavor; respect and honor for the memory of a loved one or someone else whose life and name mean something to you.


A Named Fund may be directed toward any number of particular concerns chosen to reflect your own interests, or those of the person, business or organization you honor. A fund might lend support to a general area or discipline: the arts, science, education, allied health, recreation or business; or, perhaps, to a more specific purpose like one of these:

  • Scholarships - to fund awards for academic excellence, or for financial need
  • Lectureships - to fund campus visits by noted scholars or public figures
  • Chairs or Professorships - to recognize, nurture and enhance excellence in teaching
  • Library Acquisitions - to purchase books, recordings, subscriptions or special collections
  • Faculty Development - to further intellectual growth and teaching skills
  • Advancement Funds - to meet the most current and pressing priorities of the University
  • International Studies - to give students a global view and promote better understanding
  • Academic Equipment - to assist departments in keeping up with technical needs
  • College/Department Needs - to aid a particular college or department within the University
  • Campus Beautification - to maintain and improve the campus environment


Just as you choose a particular name and a specific purpose for your fund, you will also choose to support the fund using one or more of the Types of Planned & Major Gifts. In addition, you will choose how the fund is to be managed, i.e., as an endowment where the principal is permanently invested and only specified earnings are used for the intended purposes; as a restricted or "pass-through" fund with no investment and all gifts and principal intended for disbursement; or, perhaps, as a quasi-endowment which combines features of both the endowment and pass-through funds.


The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse is an NCAA Division III member institution. As such, UW-L and the UW-L Foundation are bound by NCAA rules, which prohibit any Division III institution from considering athletics leadership, ability, participation, or performance in making scholarship or financial aid award decisions to any student.


The Foundation's endowment and quasi-endowment investment portfolio is overseen by its Investment Committee which works with professional managers retained to handle day to day investment. The Investment Committee meets regularly with the managers to review and evaluate their performance against the standards, policies and goals established by the Foundation. In particular, the goal of the Foundation's total return policy is to provide disbursements for scholarships and awards at a stable level established by the Board to be as large as possible (a minimum of 4% of the fund balance annually) while still honoring its responsibility to the future for continued growth and protection of the purchasing power of the fund in the face of inflation and rising costs.


Every memorial gift is special. The UW-La Crosse Foundation gratefully receives and treasures these gifts. They are used carefully for the benefit of the university and its students. Contributions in memory or in honor of an individual, business or organization ("memorials"), which are not designated for an already established Named Fund, are not by themselves large enough to create a new Named Fund ($25,000), or are directed to a Named Fund that did not reach the level required for administration as a separate fund ($25,000), will be received, maintained and pooled into a single endowment fund known as "The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Memorial and Honor Fund." Annually, the available earnings from that fund will be used for general student scholarships at UW-La Crosse. Selection of scholarship recipients by the UW-L Foundation Scholarship Committee will be based on the current needs of students and the general policies of the university and the Foundation at that time.

Although earnings from the fund are used for general scholarships, each contribution represents principal which remains recorded and identified with its specific name. When memorials for a name reach a total of $1,000, that name will be placed on a permanent plaque to be displayed with others so honored and recognized. When memorials for a name reach a total of $25,000, then a Named Fund may be established and scholarships or awards will be made on an annual basis in memory or honor of that name.

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