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Endowed Funds

An endowed fund is a permanent, self-sustaining source of funding. When you establish an endowment fund, you create a permanent legacy of support for UW-L.

You can name an endowment in your own name, or your company's name, or, perhaps, in the name of a loved one or associate. The Foundation, in turn, is honored to hold these funds that bear such good names. There are funds named after parents, alumni, professors, colleagues or others whose names are revered. These funds make a statement; they say something about values held, about influences felt, about relationships recognized. An endowment fund can express support for something you want to put your name behind: a particular area of academic service or endeavor; respect and honor for the memory of a loved one or someone else whose life and name mean something to you.

Endowment assets are invested and are subject to market gains and losses. The Foundation's endowment and quasi-endowment investment portfolio is overseen by its Investment Committee which works with professional managers retained to handle day to day investments. The Investment Committee meets regularly with the managers to review and evaluate their performance against the standards, policies and goals established by the Foundation. In particular, the goal of the Foundation's total return policy is to provide disbursements for scholarships and awards at a stable level established by the Board to be as large as possible (a minimum of 4% of the fund balance annually) while still honoring its responsibility to the future for continued growth and protection of the fund. A .208% monthly fee is currently charged against the investment return on the entire endowment pool and the net return allocated proportionately to each fund.

Endowments require a fund agreement and a minimum gift of $25,000. The agreement between the donor and the UW-L Foundation defines the purpose of the fund. We use standard language for endowment agreements to ensure consistency in management of the funds. As we work with you to establish the endowment, we will discuss your preferences and suggestions with you. The $25,000 can be paid at the time the fund agreement is executed, or schedule a 3 to 5 year payment plan to fully endow the fund. During that 3 to 5 year period, many fund holders make an additional annual gift to fund a payout.

The UW-L Foundation will send annual reports on the value and use of your endowment fund. Fund holders are recognized for their support by inclusion in donor listings and invitations to special events. Each year, scholarship fund holders are invited to the annual Scholarship & Awards Program to honor donors and celebrate student academic achievement.

An endowment fund is a perpetual and powerful gift. Please see the table below to view the impact of a one-time $50,000 contribution. If you would like more information on establishing an endowment fund, please contact one of our development officers at

The Power of An Endowed Fund
  Beginning Balance Income at 8% Balance with Earnings Cumulative Payout Total
Year 1 $50,000 $3,000 $53,000 $2,120
Year 5 $53,614 $3,217 $56,831 10,980
Year 10 $58,501 $3,510 $62,011 $22,960
Year 20 $69,952 $4,179 $73,831 $50,297
Year 30 $82,929 $4,976 $87,905 $82,845
Year 40 $98,736 $5,924 $104,660 $121,596
Year 50 $117,557 $7,053 $124,610 $167,735

Notes: Projected income is based on a projected 8% return with a 2.5% annual fee. Cumulative payout total is based on the Foundation's current 4% spending policy. Beginning balances shown include the 2.5% annual management fee taken out. At the end of year 50, a total of $167,735 in payouts will have been distributed.


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