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Guidelines for Using the Cleary Alumni & Friends Center

We hope you will enjoy holding special events at the Cleary Alumni & Friends Center. To facilitate proper usage, the following guidelines have been established.


Priority for usage of the facility shall go first to University related groups then to outside/non-University groups. Scheduling, within these guidelines, will be on a first-come, first-served basis and no reservation will be "bumped" except by the mutual agreement of the parties.

  • The Cleary Center is to serve as a gathering place for all friends and alumni of the University and as a conference facility. The building is intended to be an integral part of the campus and to provide services for Regents, faculty, staff, students, parents, other members of the University community and the greater La Crosse community.
  • Reservations will be limited to the room or area reserved. Use of other areas must be approved by the Cleary Center Manager.
  • All functions held in the Cleary Center must be by invitation or registration only, i.e., there must be a reliable count on the number of people attending an event to provide adequate services and to comply with fire ordinances. "Open invitations" or "open to the public" functions are not permitted.
  • All reservations must be made at least ten (10) days in advance of the function. Those requesting reservations less than ten (10) days in advance are subject to approval and availability.
  • Reservations will not be accepted more than 12 months in advance.


  • See Group Designation sheet for room rental costs. Hours of usage are calculated from the time the first person in the group arrives to the time the last person in the group leaves the building.


  • Events requiring the building to be open before 8:00 a.m. or after 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday or any time on the weekend will be charged $12 per hour (minimum charge $24) for management personnel.


  • All parking at the Cleary Center (Lot C12) shall conform to the University's regulations for parking. Parking permits are required weekdays from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Parking permits are available from the Parking & Transportation Services office and must be requested in advance. Inquiries may be made at 785-8061.


  • A limited amount of audio visual equipment is available within the Cleary Center. A/V equipment will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.


  • If a sponsor/user cancels a function less than three (3) days before the scheduled function, the sponsor will be charged the full room rental fee for the space held. Deposits will apply toward the rental charge.


  • The Cleary Center is a smoke free building. All fire codes must be enforced.
  • Use of open candles (including votive-type candles) is prohibited, however completely enclosed candles (hurricane-type) may be used for catering events. Use of any type of candle must be approved by the Cleary Center Manager.
  • The fireplace will not be used unless approved in advance. It cannot be used if small children are present, even if there is adult supervision.


  • Chartwells/UW-L Catering is the official caterer of the Cleary Center. Outside caterers may be used only upon prior approval from the Cleary Center Manager.
  • When using an outside caterer, a 15% fee ($25 minimum) on the catering bill will be charged to the group using the Cleary Center. A copy of the catering invoice must be presented to the Cleary Center Manager upon completion of the event.
  • Users desiring food services should make arrangements for all food served on the premises and clean up after the function with a caterer screened for proper licensure.
  • The Cleary Center does not furnish dishes, silverware, linens, glassware, etc. An additional $50 clean-up fee will be charged to the sponsoring organization for the use of confetti or glitter.

LIQUOR SERVICE: (Separate form required)

  • All alcoholic beverages served at the Cleary Center must be catered by Sodexo/UW-L Catering. Chartwells/UWL Catering holds the license for alcohol service for the campus.
  • The service and consumption of liquor in the Cleary Center and on the Cleary Center grounds shall be in conformance with the liquor laws and regulations of the State of Wisconsin, the policies of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and must be approved in advance by separate agreement.
  • Alcoholic beverages will not be served in any area of the Cleary Center after 11:30 p.m.
  • At no time can alcoholic beverages of any kind be brought on premise by patron or any of the patron's guests or invitees.


  • Decoration of table tops is permitted (except for open candles - see FIRE CODE.) Tacks or tape of any kind will not be permitted to be placed on any walls or other furnishings at the Cleary Center.
  • All decorations, signage and furniture arrangements must be approved in advance by the Cleary Center Manager.
  • The organization is responsible for the removal of all decorations, food, beverages, etc. immediately following the event. The Cleary Center staff will discard any materials left and not picked up within 24 hours.


  • A baby grand piano is available for rent by advance reservation.
  • The piano player and event organizer are responsible for the use of the piano and are accountable for any damage to the same.
  • The group using the piano is responsible for tuning the piano prior to use. Semi-annual tuning is done by the Cleary Center.
  • A $50 fee will be assessed for the use of the piano for up to a five hour period.
  • No food, beverages or any other items will be allowed on the piano at any time.


  • A deposit of $250 is required for all non-University events held in the Great Hall payable to UWL Account 136-05-050510 and returned with the reservation form.
  • Final payment is due the date of the event for non-University events. University events will be billed to the respective budget as identified on the reservation form.
  • Any special payment arrangements (when applicable) must be made one month in advance with the Cleary Center Manager.
  • Any dispute in the billing must be made known to the Cleary Center Manager in writing within two working days of the event.
  • The person whose signature appears on the agreement will be responsible for payment of any charges incurred or for damages to rooms and/or damage to, or theft of, Cleary Center property.

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